Refrigerator Repair

Every home depends on their refrigerator, on a daily basis. If your refrigerator is not working it can be serious! Don’t let situations like these spoil your day. You will need fast refrigerator repair. We are trained to repair and maintain all major refrigerator brands.

When your refrigerator is not working properly it can be a real hassle, food can spoil costing you money and wasting valuable goods! Regular maintenance can save you from many issues and in the long run save you money.

The most common refrigerator repair call are for the following issues:

– Leaking water
– Temperature malfunctions
– Faulty temperature controls
– Broken light
– Broken ice maker
– Refrigerator freezes over
– Broken digital displays
– Excess ice around the ice maker
– Faulty ice dispenser
– Problems with water dispenser
– Electric problems
– Much, much more!

When you have a broken refrigerator, you have three basic options. First, you can buy a new refrigerator to replace the broken one. Refrigerators are very expensive and you can expect to pay anywhere from $700-$3500 for a new refrigerator. Your second option is to fix the refrigerator yourself. If you are a DIY guy, this is a tempting option, but don’t act too quickly. Today’s refrigerators are wired much differently than the old iceboxes that our grandparents relied on. Unless you are professionally trained in refrigerator repair, you could do more harm the good.
Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Energy Appliance Repair. Call us to get refrigerator repairs you need done properly, quickly and at a cost you can afford!




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