Looking for Ice Maker repair?

If your ice maker breaks, it can be really inconvenient. Suddenly you are forced to go out and buy bags of ice and storing them in the freezer isn’t always an option, especially if your freezer is already full of groceries. If your ice maker is broken, Energy Appliance Repair can fix it right away.

We provide ice maker repair for the following issues:

– Ice maker is frozen over
– Ice is too small or shaped oddly
– Ice has a strange odor
– Ice tastes bad
– Discolorations in the ice
– Ice runs out too fast
– Ice maker doesn’t produce enough ice
– Ice doesn’t dispense properly
– Internal light broken
– Ice maker is loud or making strange noises
– Leaking water
– Leaking coolant
– Not making ice at all

We’re trained in all makes of ice makers: Whirlpool, Samsung, GE, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Frigidaire, True, Scotsman and Electrolux, and more.
Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Energy Appliance Repair. Call us to get ice maker repairs you need done properly, quickly and at a cost you can afford!




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